Auto Accessories

Auto accessories provide a number of benefits to your vehicle.  They can prolong the life of your vehicle, and the quality of your ride.  Get the best auto accessories from Leonox Auto Accessories.


Memory Foam Combo Pack

Steering Wheel Cover and Seatbelt Cushions in 3 different colors.
An inexpensive choice to cover your steering wheel and seat belts in matching colors and fabrics. Our plush memory foam fabric is soft, comfortable, and cool to the touch.

Starting at $16.95


Silver Shield™

Constructed from a durable, 3-ply, reflective laminate material with an inner foam core which reduces interior heat build-up by as much as 45°F! It installs easily in seconds and stores just as quickly with our handy sewn-in Velcro strap. 

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The Shade™

Unlike cumbersome cardboard, spring-loaded or aluminized sunshades that require folding, propping, rolling, or storing, The Shade™ opens and closes in one easy motion – with nothing to wrestle with and nothing to store!

Starting at $33.95


OEM Seat Heaters

Our universal OEM style factory seat heaters incorporate carbon fibre technology with an interlocking grid design. This allows you to trim the pads to size of any car, truck, snowmobile or ATV The Seat Heater switch offers high and low temperature settings. This switch is a 2 color illuminated rocker style switch. (Additional LED switches may be purchased separately.) Our Automotive Seat Heaters include 2 Temperature control units. The primary unit, an Advanced Electronic Control module, manages temperature by micro-circuitry. The secondary backup unit, a bi-metal thermostat, regulates our heaters by ambient temperature. They heat-up faster and warmer due to larger diameter carbon fibre strands and tight grid design. Heat is noticeable within 2 minutes. A time-saving feature is our “Quick Release” wiring harness. When a switch is being installed, the Quick Release system enables the installer to eliminate or add 39″- 78″ of wire for front or rear seat heaters. An affordable factory option that’s easy-to-install for any automobile, snowmobile, motorcycle or boat. This is the most dynamic one-size-fits-all unit available. 

Starting at $79.95

Plug-in Seat Heaters

    Dual Temp up to 150°                 Quick heat 
    Plugs into lighter!                      Safety Thermostat 
    Auto shut-off timer                    Carbon Fiber Technology  
    Sold per unit (one seat)               One year warranty

Starting at $69.95